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Print service handmade paper

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Order your designs printed on our handmade paper. No need to order the paper first and then send it to your printer and juggle between two suppliers, we can arrange both for you. Black and full-color.

If you are a stationer or artist and would like to have your designs printed on our handmade paper, look no further. We are more than happy to make it happen. If you haven't signed up to our partnership program I recommend that you do. It is for free and we will email you our brochure with all our colors, paper shapes and sized and a volume discount on paper and printed paper. You will also get full acces to paper making images, blanc flat-lays, and blanc paper sheets in different colors and sizes to create your own digital mockups. This is a good way to present your custom design to clients or to present your design on your website. Last but not least, you get free shipping over 100 euro order.

Here are some specifics that are good to know when you want to let us print your design:

- The smallest size we can print is A6. If you would like something smaller like a place card we recommend to design multiple place cards on A6 or B6 and break the paper using the following method:

- The largest size we can print is A4

- The margin around the edges of the paper are 0,5cm.

- We don't print white

- Please provide your design via email in PDF-Print. Make sure your design is the right size. You will find all our paper sizes here

- We don't cut, wrap, fold, break or do anything else with the paper. We make it and print it. The rest is up to you!

- It is not possible to print on handmade enveloppes. We would be happy to recommend a calligrapher though.

- We will always provide a digital proof that will be sent to you via email. All the extra proofs (when changes are needed) will be charged extra. This is the normal cost of a printed sheet. We don't change anything in your design. If changes are needed you can send us an adjusted design.

- It is also possible to order a real-life proof, for a client for example. The charge for this is 7,50 excl. shipping.

- Please note that this is actual handmade paper. Each sheet is different en wil print different.

If you have a design that needs printing, you can send me an email with:

- Your design

- The paper size

- The paper color

- The amount of prints you need

- The amount of enveloppes (if needed)

I will send you a quotation without obligation. When approved I will send a downpayment of 20%. I then start producing the paper and print when the paper is ready or when you would like it to be printed (in case of a birth card for example). We will send you your design within 1 week. The rest of the invoice is due open delivery.

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