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How to break handmade paper

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

How do you divide handmade paper without losing the deckled edges?

Handmade paper is so beautiful with the beautiful deckled edges! The size of the mold determines the size of the paper, but sometimes you just need a different size. Or sometimes it is useful to print several menus or place cards on 1 sheet. And then 'cut' or tear the handmade paper. How can you best do that? You can read that here!


You can tear the paper along your ruler. This gives a nice edge but it doesn't come close to the edges of the handmade paper. Still I use it sometimes, for name tags for example.


Another option is the following. With a bone folder, make a fold line where you want to split the paper, here are the tools you need

Prepare a small bowl of water. Take a brush or cotton swab and dip it in the water. Spread this evenly over the line you made with the bone folder. it is useful to test this on a kitchen paper first. Use the tip of the cotton swab to make dots under each other, so you should get a fairly straight line.

It is important that it is evenly spaced, if you tear it now you should get similar edges to the rest of the edges. Let it dry carefully before you start processing the paper.

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