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Choosing handmade paper from a screen might be difficult sometimes. Therefore we keep some handmade paper samples in stock. If you are doubting about the color we recommend ordering the color swatch before placing a large order.

If you have any questions about color or size, please view the color and size chart in the menu above.

For printing we recommend to choose the 200 grams paper, for letterpress or professional printing the 300 grams.

Please contact us if you need a special paper size or a thicker paper for large quantities.

We can make a mold and deckle to fit your required size, if you purchase over 500 euro within six months of this particular size. 

For calligraphers, watercolor and other artists we recommend the artist paper.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, I am happy to help you create paper that fits your needs.

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