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Handmade paper b2b for companies

If you would like to buy paper B2b for your company this is certainly a possibility. We can made the paper in large amounts. We can also design the package to you liking and wrap the paper the way you like.

Whether you are a stationer, a paper store owner or an artist. Do not hesitate to contact me personally to see what we can do with handmade paper for your company. If you would like to receive some info first I recumbent you to sign up for our partner program. This is created for company's and b2b sales.

Read all about it here. 


If you would like to know a bit more about The Papermakers, check out our homepage.

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Partner Program

If you would like to purchase handmade paper for your company, you may sign up for our partner program

Within 24 hours you receive a brochure with all our colors, sizes and discounts for entrepreneurs. If you would like, you can also contact me. See our contact page.

I would love to help you personally

Print Service

We also offert a print service. If you are still doubting to work with handmade paper we recomend to get some of your designs printed on handmade paper by us. Simply email us your design and we print it for you.

read all about it in our blogpost about

print service on handmade paper 

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Printing on handmade paper

When you have your own company, you can add value to your company by offering products on handmade paper. Printing on our handmade paper is possible, but we recommend to read the blog we wrote about it before trying so you know all the inns and outs. Read alle about printing on handmade paper here.

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