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We have been fortunate to receive media coverage, as various publications have shared our story.

You can find the articles/items below. 

If you have any enquiries please email me at


Encyclopedia of inspiration - Rag and Pulp Edition

I feel incredibly honored to be included in the Encyclopedia of Inspiration,

specifically in the Rag and Pulp edition.


This encyclopedia is a comprehensive collection of books that explore various fascinating

and imaginative creative subjects.


Being mentioned alongside 42 of the most influential artists who specialize in handmade paper and pulp is truly a significant recognition for me.

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Mein Shönes land

In April, I have the opportunity to be featured in the German magazine 'Mein Schönes Land'.


This magazine is perfect for those who want to embrace the countryside in their everyday lives.

It offers insights into rural traditions, crafts, timeless gardening tips, and treasured recipes passed down through generations.


The magazine's main emphasis is on the wonders of nature and the changing seasons.


Once the article is published, I will share it here for you to read.

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Eigen huis en tuin - lekker leven

I will be appearing on a television show called RTL4 on May 6th from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.


The show, Eigen Huis & Tuin Lekker Leven, follows a team of handymen and gardeners as they assist viewers in renovating their homes or transforming their outdoor spaces.


They also showcase individuals who are doing something unique or creative.

I am extremely excited that they have chosen to feature me!


I encourage you to watch the show, and I will share a link to the feature once it has aired.

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