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  • Get ready to add a touch of beauty and celebration to your home with our stunning posters on handmade paper. Designed with a festive champagne tower and a well-known quote that reminds us to cherish and savor life, these posters are the perfect way to decorate your house and embrace the joy of living.


    What makes our posters truly special is the unique design that captures the essence of celebration. The champagne tower symbolizes the spirit of togetherness and the joy of raising a glass to life's precious moments. Paired with a beloved quote that serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate every day, our posters create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in any room.


    But it's not just the design that sets our posters apart. We take pride in using only the finest materials, and that's why our posters are made on lovely recycled handmade paper. Crafted in our own studio with utmost care and attention to detail, each poster is a work of art in itself. The texture and quality of the handmade paper add a unique touch to the overall aesthetic, making our posters stand out from the rest. They make for a thoughtful gift for loved ones or a special treat for yourself.


    So why wait? Decorate your house with our beautiful posters and celebrate life in style. Embrace the joy, the laughter, and the precious moments that make life truly remarkable. With our handmade paper posters, every day is a reason to rejoice.


    - Size A4

    - Handmade, sustainable paper

    - Natural colour

    - Our own drawing and design

    - Completely produced in our own studio in Zaandam

    Poster Party A4

    Sales Tax Included