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How to draw flowers and then make a floral calendar

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Let's start the beginning of the year with making a calendar for yourself. Our creative bundle featured a lot of speckled papers and I think it would look great on them!

When I first started drawing I would follow the tutorials on YouTube from the amazing Shayda Campbell. I absolutely LOVE her style and I think I followed every tutorial she even posted. The flowers she draws on the calendars are amazing. This is my favorite video of how to draw some simple flowers, and just a little tip. Try this on regular paper first, when you are satisfied try it on the handmade paper for real!

Okay, so now you have a few flowers in your assortiment, it's time to make a weekly calendar. In this video Shayda uses a bullet journal book. But obviously it is also possible to do this on a single sheet of paper and display it on your desk like this, you can buy these little holders at Casa, Action, Xenos of online at Etsy:

Again, if you are not confident yet, try on some scrap paper first before you use the handmade paper.

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial. At the end of February I will ship the creative bundle for next month. And I will post a self made tutorial about how to use gold leaf on handmade paper.

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