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Calligraphy on handmade paper

Please use our 'Artist paper' for calligraphy

The right nib

For calligraphy it is important that there is good cooperation between the paper, the nib and the ink. The Nib is that tip on a calligraphy pen. There are different nibs for this. One is more flexible, the other more pointed, some write extra thin and others write thicker strips.

For handmade paper it is nice that the tip does not bite too quickly. If you have just started with calligraphy, it is especially important to try out which nib is best. And if you're new to handmade paper, that's actually true. How much pressure you use and how you write will affect which nib works best for you. In general, the blue pumkin is most recommended for handmade paper, but other nibs can certainly be used as well.

I recently wrote with a hunt 101 and even that went fine. But I don't recommend that, because the nib wears out quickly and bites into the paper fairly quickly. The most important thing is that you write really calmly and the paper feels good. My advice is to test that first before you really start anything.

When you're ready to start writing, you can do 2 things:

1. Use a laser liner

When you use a laser liner, the device projects a line on the handmade paper. This way you can calligraphy directly on the paper. The advantage is that you no longer have to erase lines.

2. Place your guide lines very lightly on the paper with a pencil

Would you rather not use a lightpad? You can also draw very light lines with a pencil. When the ink is completely dry, you can carefully remove it. Be careful, because this paper is more fragile. Therefore, use a soft eraser, preferably a kneading eraser that you gently roll over the paper.

Personally, I use an eraser that is soft but not kneaded eraser. And also pencil. I do this especially with Copperplate calligraphy where accuracy is extra important. With a lightpad there is still a layer in between and even a millimeter can make a lot of difference.

Inks suitable for handmade paper

Would you like to write with metallic ink like gold? Then I have good news for you! With finetec I immediately got very nice results, even better than with, for example, black sumi ink. The black sumi ink also works fine, but then the pre-processing is extra important. Do you write with a brush pen? Write well with a fine tip brush pen! Although the paper is not good for the tip of your pen, for a cool project the paper itself can handle it.

Personally, I'm a big fan of The.papermakers' handmade paper and I'm extra excited that it's possible to do calligraphy on it!

This blog was written by Femke Noorbeek from Beeq Calligraphy / @beeq.kalligraphy

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