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  • Pack of 10 handmade sheets.

    Welcome to our sustainable handmade paper! Our paper is made from recycled materials and infused with lavender for an added touch of luxury. Not only does this paper look great, but it also smells great too! Perfect for wrapping gifts or creating beautiful stationery, our paper is the ideal choice for those looking for a sustainable solution for their paper needs. With its delicate and subtle scent, lavender adds a special touch that will be sure to turn heads. So go ahead and get creative with our recycled and handmade paper - you won't be disappointed!

    Lavender paper

    PrijsVanaf € 6,00
    • All our paper is made by hand. Each sheet carfully scooped, couched, pressed and hung to dry and then pressed again. Therefore no sheet is the same. If you are in doubt of the right color for you project, please order a color swatch or a sample form the paper sample section first. 

      For printing we recommend to order 200 grams paper, for letterpress and professional printing we recomend to order 300 grams. If you would likt to use watercolor, paint or calligraphy, we refer to our 'Artist Paper' especially designd for those techniques. 

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