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A bundle that gets your creative juice flowing! 

Treat yourself to a monthly bundle of joy and creativity. Or better yet, gift it to someone! 

Or monthly paper subscription is a pack of  handmade paper sheets in different sizes, shapes, colors and kinds

. Each month has a theme and the pack comes with a creative challenge and links to handy tutorials with the theme of that month. Just choose your plan and get your creative juice flowing! 

How does it work?


Choose your plan

Check out the plans we offer and choose your favorite. All plans get the same creative tutorials and tips but the size and amount of paper is different per plan. you get billed on a monthly base.



When you subscribe, you create your personal login. We request the payment for the first month. After that you will receive a monthly payment link. With your personal login you have acces at all time to your account to see or change or cancel your plan.


Get creative!

You receive your package at the end

of each month. We send this in a box that fits in your mailbox, so you don't have the stay home to receive this bundle of joy, but we don't blame you if you do ;-).

Meisje met telefoon

Change or cancel 
your plan whenever
and wherever you want, with your personal login

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